2012 - 2015

Instabridge is a startup that makes one viral app that aims to provide free wifi to everyone based on a simple crowd-sourced solution. I joined the company at its infancy and was fully responsible for its visual design and UX from a mere idea to a fully functional app. In 2014, I became the “product design lead” for the 3rd major iteration, which enjoyed a 5 fold increase in average daily downloads. The app has recently passed its 5 million bench mark.  The company won funding from Tesla's and Spotify’s investors and was featured on TechCrunch, The Economist, Wired, MIT Technology Review and The Guardian.

UI/UX/web/branding/print designer
2004 - 2017

UX and UI design consultant for Supertext, Reve and Vantage.

Before the mobile era, I design websites, logos, prints for clients such as Yahoo, ganji.com (China’s No.1 ad posting site), Pink Ribbon Breast Cancer Foundation, Spike Edney (keyboard player of Queen), Brandt Asian Art, J.P. Willborg, Alberto Levi Gallery, Huai Yin Shan Fang Gallery (top art galleries in London, Stockholm, Milan and Beijing),  world-renowned visual artist, award-winning designer and architect. 

I had started web/graphic design 13 years ago even before I registered my own company and a web app I had created then received more than 18 million visits.

UX design & PSYchology 

When designing a product, we not only provide the users with functionality,
more importantly, we also take them on an emotional journey:

Do they feel safe or they feel frustrated? 
Do they feel in control or do they feel confused? 
Do they have the right expectation to avoid disappointments? 
When they accomplish something, do they feel encouraged and rewarded? 
In general, do they feel good or bad about themselves?

We can have the tendency to think that humans are rational beings going for certain functionalities, but more often than not, it is our feelings of joy or pain on this journey that will determine if we keep using a product or leave. A good product solves the users' problems and also take care of them emotionally. For me, this is what delightful and engaging UX design is really about.

What do I design

  • User research
  • Translate the needs of end-users and partners into features
  • Wireframing and prototyping
  • Execute all product design stages from concept to pixel perfect hand-off to the engineers
  • Iterate quickly based on data and user feedback
  • Branding and websites